Dimension Jump (Another half-fiction from forgotten space)

John Ledger


I cannot tell you how happy Urban Hymns byThe Verve can still make me feel, as I wear off the previous evening’s alcohol-orientated-endeavors, by going running through the streets with my Ipod sticking my hands on a warm sunny morning. Momentarily full of guile, I’m transfixed and Transported.

It’s 1998, I’m youthfully gliding through all the good vibes of a time that had not yet paused for breath to question what it was really about. New Labour, the bubbly birth of the Internet, my home town’s footballing representatives spending a season in the top flight of that respective sport for the first time ever – you absorb all this, before you understand it, before you start questioning it, before you accidentally take the wrong junction off momemtum-way and suddenly all the colour begins to fade. Something chemical collided with the culture; like a switch this person in this…

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