Drinking Equation, images by Dave Jarvis

Images in order top to bottom (Spinal Final, The Jealousy of Vader, Think Big, The King Punched and Down Town Planes)

Drink, Drink….Drink!!!! These are images made “in/at” The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe. ….hypothetically. Basically they are made up mathematic equations, they make no sense at all….or do they? (They dont!!) I suppose they attempt to poke fun at Capitalisms seriousness… its need to believe inits own importance. Mathematics, I think, is the only language capable of being fully completed under Capital, think of the Higgs Boson…..described by numbers or quantum computing…..using numbers even the markets use of high speed trading, Numbers have been subverted into a weapon for the exclusive use of the 1%. Also the spontaneous nature of there production creates unusual visual narratives so i try to show my thoughts on this by using images and a careful title


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