ILL EQUIPPED (2011) Pencil crayon on paper, 70X110cm

Punch-Drunk Utopianism



The idea for Ill-Equipped was sparked by an article titled ‘pancake people’ in the Magazine Adbusters; a term used to described the mental make-up of humans being tossed around in the info-frenzied world of endless updated techno-gadgets: a wide, far-reaching, grasp of information (piling up on us at an insane rate), but empty of depth and context. Then there was a not very well heard of Novel namedFeed by M.T Anderson, which perhaps portrays one of the bleakest futures in which consumerism in a super techno-advanced age runs amok; dumbing down an entire nation, making them incapable of deep thought and empathy, whilst the environment (the less fortunate parts of the human race) collapses around them. There was also my experience of becoming slowly saturated into the computer-run world of tasks and duties, where work becomes blurred with spare time, and, as Thom Yorke sings on his…

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