The Future: that’s all well and good, but how do you expect to get there?


The Retro Bar at The End of The Universe

Player 2: John Ledger

John’s Tactical motto:

The energy of philosophical wrangling in the present tense HAS to dedicate itself to the way we/Humans live together/treat each other. It’s the MAIN issue of our times, not the BIGGEST but the MAIN. It’s been projectile vomited into our faces at a speed HS2 would be jealous of by the pump-me-up blob that is capitalism…

I firmly believe that our collective intellectual Labour has no current role but to challenge the aforementioned dilemma, before unshelving the BIG issues of ecology, quantum physics and the stuff that makes Brian’s Cox get a smile-on can be even considered. Until then they must necessarily gather dust next to Sim City 2000 and Windows 95.



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