University of Leeds- Arts, Humanities and Cultures Poster Conference 27/10/16

poster-for-ahcc-2-copy-2About this Poster

This poster serves as a micro experiment within my research. Through exploring a form of collaboration and audience participation i.e. creating a narrative through the syntactical dislocation of another author’s text, I hope to question the boundaries of where a collective is located as opposed to a participatory artwork . This is  a stand-alone action within the collective. This concept raises questions of authorship, what is a collective and what isn’t, issues surrounding collective experience and the work plays on the dialectical notion of artists/artwork/viewer/site.


Conference View

In a sense this work exists within the collective, instigated by a member. However, it also exists externally in a ‘common’ space of the conference. The participants fostered a collaboration with the work as a process never becoming a part of the ‘collective’ as they remain anonymous.



The next stage is to propose a reading of the work or a response within the collective. I open this out to John Ledger and D.S Jarvis- What do you think?