Recent attempts to map memories of the present

These are works that are building towards a larger project, that if it sticks to it’s course, will be named ‘A Revolt Against our Ghosting’ to argue that the current (faltering) ideological reality de-centres and marginalises us all (to massively varying degrees) through processes that make the space we occupy seem beyond our comprehension, creating anxieties and encouraging privatised living. This project is part of a wider collective project, that will become more clear and present within these blogs in coming months.

I'm still here (12.11.17)






Digital Flattening – Inspired by John Ledger

It was last year sometime on a trip to Manchester that John brought up the notion that older tech had a strange flattening effect when you zoomed in. An almost digital rendering of time and space, and or a metaphor for the ‘flattening’ or ‘smoothness’ within which the cognitive capitalist realism erodes a sense its own horizon. John’s words have inspired me to carry on this project within RBATEOTU. Here is my curated selection.

These images are places and artworks or are they simply images and compositions.