Meeting at the Duck and Drake – 02/11/2017

It was a brisk November evening as, John Ledger, myself, Dave Hooppell and Ben Parker arrived to enter into discussion about the direction of The Retro Bar at the End of the Universe collective. We gathered with our beverages onto the rear fare end table of the pub in order to not disturb the other customers. There were several elephants in the room (so to speak) to discuss as events had transpired within global discourse in the preceding weeks. The Harvey Weinstein scandal had broken and Brexit was yet again reaching new levels of absurdity. The government’s position looked increasingly precarious and Boris Johnson had made a monumental mistake in diplomatic relations over the journalist Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Main Points:
-We discussed the overall meta-project of ‘The Map’ which we had collectively decided to begin.

-We discussed the scarcity model collapsing and the emergence of populist politics.

-What would happen when the Queen eventually passes away?

-The languages of the now are incredibly dynamic and they are exceeding the structures with which we have in place to govern. This friction is coursing the immense upheaval we see in the western world with the crisis of capital.

Here is an extended edit from the discussion, installation photographs taken from The Baildon intervention. Click here




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