Meeting at The Social – 16/11/2017

This meeting consisted of member Dave Hooppell, John Ledger, Rebekah Whitlem and myself. The main focus of this meeting was to consolidate the meta-mapping thematic which had taken hold on the collective. We agreed to form a series of events/happenings/ exhibitions over an unspecified length of time. This would be as organic as possible without putting false time limits upon everything.

John mentioned that he and Ben would be compiling the videos and documentation from Baildon into an ‘afterlife’ installation for the Saltaire Arts Trail. The concept would be that ‘nobody’ turned up to visit the show because of its geographical problematics. This video would perhaps put a close to that part of the project.

Bek positioned some thoughts stemming from her recent enrolment on an MA Arts and Cultural Management in Sheffield. Looking at projects of ‘gentrification’ wrapped up in ‘the social good’. Bek is proposing a mock heritage trail of the city which highlights all the failed prestige projects which have just created a set of ‘nowhere’ and ‘anywhere’ places which are increasing the state of alienation which we are experiencing in late capitalism.

I am currently working on a mapping project of collectives working in Leeds. It is tied into my reseach for my phd along with these notes and posts from our meetings. I am linking them to plotted meeting on Google My Maps and hopefully open street maps for the project.

We decided collectively to plan a canal walk which part of the data gathering for Dave’s mapping idea. The parameters could possibly be the LS postcode and could take on other cities and villages along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.



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